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06 April 2013

Show Us Your Life: Children's Books

This week I'm linking up with Kelly's "Show Us Your Life," which is themed "Kid's Books."  I LOVE reading and always have; I was the kid who'd get in trouble for staying up too late to read on school nights.  I still read for an hour or so every night.  Yes, this mama of a two-month old and a two year old still finds time to read every day :)  When I found out I was pregnant with Joe, I hoped and prayed that he'd be a reader too.  He already has quite the impressive library! 
He absolutely loves the Llama Llama books!
E and I have read this one to him so many times that we've memorized the words...
He is also quite the Boynton enthusiast!
I love it when he meows when he sees the page with the cat.  He has such a sweet little voice :)
This is also one of his favorites :)  It's such a sweet book and he loves animals.

The Otis books are new favorites, too.  How cute is that tractor?!
 Reading is such an important thing to me and it's also important to me that I read to my kids because I truly believe it puts them at such an advantage academically.  Reading grows their little brains! :)
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