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03 May 2012

Three on Thursday

Today I'm linking up with Cole and Andrea for Three on Thursday. 

3 on Thursday

This week's question is:  What are your three guilty pleasures?
1.  Books-- I'm been on a reading frenzy lately.  I go to bed early when E and Joe do, and will read for a few hours every night.  I've already gone through a $100 gift card that we got for Christmas buying Kindle books... and then more on top of that.  Oopsy...  I justify this by saying that by reading I'm "keeping my brain sharp."  ha!
2.  Sonic drinks-- I craved them so badly while I was pregnant with Joe, but finding out that I had gestational diabetes put a quick end to that.  To make it less "guilty," I know will buy a small or medium and will get the real fruit slushies rather than the ones made from syrup.
3.  HBO Series--  I LOVE True Blood and Big Love!  It doesn't help that Ginnifer Goodwin is in Big Love and I have a huge girl crush on her!  She is gorgeous!

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  1. Thanks for joining in the fun! I'm glad that someone else is as voracious a reader as I am. Can I tell you how jealous I am that you have a Sonic near you?! I got addicted visiting family in TX, but there aren't any near me in MA. And...I LOVE HBO too. I'm counting the minutes until True Blood is back on!

  2. I visited Texas in March and discovered how rabid Texans are about Sonic. I really didn't understand it but I will tell you I didn't want anyone messing with my Dr. Pepper. I only allow myself 3 per week. I didn't want any syrups in them!

    I don't think books count. Books are important and they are mind exercise.

  3. I know where ALL the Sonics are in my area!

  4. Oh I love Big Love! And Im also a military wife :)

  5. I can't wait for True Blood to come back on!