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25 April 2012

A Commander's Wife and Trooper's Lady

E will take command of a company this summer.  Because of his branch, he doesn't have to necessarily go up the traditional path of being a platoon leader, company XO, company commander, etc., so he was thrilled that he'll actually be able to command.  It was something he really wanted to do, but was afraid he wouldn't get the chance.  He's already warned me that he will be taking some of his unit Colors and other awards, leaving blank spots on the wall, which is really no hair off my chest.  It made me think, though, of something I could get him that would really give his office a classy touch.  After much thought (okay, after very little thought), and being inspired by one of my recent book choices (I'll get to that later) I've decided that E NEEDS this for his office: 

I jokingly told him I was getting him a taxidermied animal, but when I saw this faux stuffed jackelope, I really did want one, ha!  I told myself "no," though, because I worry about Joseph needing therapy later from being terrified of the thing.   I mean, it has red eyes!

Okay, enough of that idiocy.  A few weekends ago our BN had their redeployment picnic (in lieu of a ball), where I was given this for being an FRG Leader: 

I have to say I was quite touched to receive this, especially because I eventually stepped down from the position due to the baby and then my health issues. I think E is totally jealous that my awards are prettier than his, ha! I'm awfully proud of E and the work he does-- it was so nice knowing my husband was proud of me for this. :)

Look!  It's a picture of my kid!
Joe's First Halloween-- he was a "Spunky Pumpkin."
His onesie says "I'm so Cute it's Scary."
My Life, from {Army} Brat to Wife

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  1. How awesome! That's so cool that he gets to take command! Congrats to you both!