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So give good.

27 March 2011

Dear Old Navy

Please stop adding such cute clothes to your site. Although my husband is an amazing provider for our family, we are not made of money!

I've decorated Joseph's room with monkies and I LOVE dressing him in clothes with monkies on them too. Aren't these just too precious?!

And then there is this one:

Joseph is MY little hunky monkey!

I mean, with a face like this, how can he not be?

I LOVE when he makes his little monkey faces! :)

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  1. Old Navy has some really cute clothes. I also love Children's Place too!! And if we had a boy I was going to decorate the room in monkeys. Since we had a girl I just had to buy some pink monkey clothes :-)

    And I wanted to say something the other day about my daughter being just a day older than your baby but I am normally typing one-handed these days. Both my girls are sleeping now so I can actually use both hands for a bit ;-)