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24 November 2010

Joey's Crib Bedding

Fed Ex dropped Joey's mattress off this morning, so I was finally able to put his crib all together!
E and I picked this:
Um, maybe it's more like I picked it out and he paid for it, ha! We didn't buy the complete room set, just the crib set, mobile and diaper stacker. I really love it, especially the colors. Now all I need is my sweet little boy here to make it complete :)
Here's what it looks like on our crib:

I "borrowed" the picture from Babies R Us and loved that they had it displayed on the same crib we bought!

If you can't tell, there are little monkies embroidered on the quilt and bumper. I think monkies are so cute for little boys and Joey already has so many things with monkies on them-- it'll be appropriate for my little monkey :)

Now I'm off to bake some pies and to get my Turkey brine ready!

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