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07 September 2010

Oh, Baby!

{bought for the entrance of Baby JW or ME's room}
I've been an awful blogger lately, and I have no problem blaming it on the pregnancy. Well, having pregnancy brain anyway. And yes, it's real! :)
And I've been a little down in the dumps too, and no one wants to hear about that anyway.
It is raining today in Texas! It's a perfect day to curl up on the couch with my hound dog and a book! Someone said it was supposed to rain for the next five, or so, days? I hope so, as our grass has been burnt to a crisp by the sun! You can tell which part of the yard gets shade for the greater part of the day, because it's still green, whereas the part that gets the most sun is either brown or looks like straw. Speaking of our yard, I have never seen weeds like there are in Texas! They are obviously mutant weeds, because you'll weed one day, and have weeds again the next! I guess once the weather cools down (enough to the point where I won't have to worry about hard boiling the baby), I'll tackle the weeds at least.
Speaking of baby, I am 15 weeks pregnant ( 4 months) and s/he is 4 inches long from crown to rump, which is about as long as an average sized orange! Baby is already growing like a weed, and by next Saturday it'll have grown another 0.6 inches. They say that I might start feeling movement around 16 to 18 weeks. I think I'm already feeling some movement, but I'm not sure. I'm so happy to be pregnant, but at the same time I'm terrified that something will happen to Baby or that it won't be healthy when it's born. I'm sure every mother has those thoughts, though, and the only thing I can do is keep myself healthy and pray :)
E and I went to Target yesterday and bought furniture for the Baby, but I'll share that later. We planned on waiting until December, when he'll actually be home consistently and he'll get some leave, to make our big purchases. I found such good deals on things, though, that we went and got them early. Oh well, we got great deals and it made me happy :) Our nursery is starting to look more like a, well, nursery. When we first moved into this house, we didn't plan for a baby, so we kind of used up all of our space... When we got pregnant, I kept telling E that I was going to move his brand-new desk and all of his office stuff out to the garage... where his car is usually parked haha! I was nice, though, and rearranged the guest bedroom, so that there is plenty of room in there for the baby's stuff and the extra bed. Plus, I've had to get creative with organization, which doesn't bother me at all! :)
Anyway... I went thrift-store shopping last week and found this:

Yes, a Cuisinart Ice Cream/ Yogurt/ Sorbet maker. I was worried about buying it and it not working. I took a chance and paid the 4.99 plus tax and brought it home. Luckily for me, it works! I've already made some quite tasty vanilla ice cream and a batch of frozen peach yogurt!
Best $5 I ever spent, ha!

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  1. What a bargain you found!! I broke part of the lid on our ice cream machine so if I see a good deal I may get another one. Ours will still work but you have to hold the lid on! lol

    I can't wait to see what you have for the nursery!! I am excited to PCS and then finally get our stuff so I can start on ours. I already have the crib and changing table from my first child so it isn't as exciting. We did order a new stroller though which is waiting for us at our new house!! And I will be getting a new carseat too. I didn't do any research when it came to buying things the first time around and now I am regretting it. And I have definitely been feeling my baby move around (no kicks just yet) for about the last week. With my first it was 17 weeks when I knew FOR SURE that I was feeling movement (KICKS!) but now I know what it feels like :-)

  2. That's great that you were able to get some deals!! Glad to hear you're doing well! Enjoy reading time!