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03 June 2010

I'm a Quiltin' Fool

Since my wonderfully handsome husband bought me a sewing machine, I've been sewing almost on a daily basis. I'm actually considering opening an etsy shop.... but we shall see about that.

Anyway, since I've had the machine, I've made two quilts.
I recently made this one for one of the wives in E's company. She is as sweet as can be and they're expecting a sweet little girl after two boys. I'm awfully proud of this quilt and I hope she loves it!

I also made this quilt for our bed. We usually have a duvet on there but it's getting way too hot at night for that. And it's Buddy approved, ha!

Also, I will be getting a break from cooking until Sunday. I have a farewell dinner for the BN Commander's wife this evening, dinner with another couple tomorrow, and dinner at the Commander's home on Saturday. It's going to be a much welcomed break, let me tell you what!

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  1. OMG, everything you make looks so good! You've got talent (and great taste). Can't wait to see what you continue to make.

  2. Wow you are very talented!! I especially love the one you made for your bed! You should definitely think about opening a site! :)

  3. I love both of those but the one you have for yourself is so PRETTY!

  4. pretty! I tried to make a quilt once and i never got past buying the fabric :P