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06 April 2010

Happy Anniversary to Us!

On Sunday E and I celebrated our 1st Wedding Anniversary.
To celebrate, I recreated the top layer of our cake:

I used Martha Stewart's recipe for Marble Cake and it was pretty tasty! We also stuck to the traditional first anniversary gift of paper, which we did by buying each other books.
It seems really strange that a whole year has passed, and it left us wondering where in the world all of that time went. Well, thanks to Uncle Sam, that time went all over the country, ha!
Here is a recap of our first year o' marriage:
We were married in Savannah, GA in April. We PCSed at the end of the month to Fort Huachuca, Arizona. We only lived in Savannah for five months, but I fell in love! I get so homesick every time I think of it. :( Because we couldn't take a proper honeymoon, we decided to kill two birds with one stone by turning our PCS trip into one.
We drove through the southern-most states and had our first big stop in New Orleans. We spent an extra day there and had lots of fun, although it was still really sad to see the destruction left over from the hurricane. Our next big stop was in San Antonio where we walked along the beautiful Riverwalk and saw the Alamo. We visited Carlsbad Caverns National Park in New Mexico before we ended our trip in Tucson and then Fort Huachuca.
We settled down in our new home in Arizona, which came complete with scorpions and black widow spiders. You can imagine my delight! E started his CCC a month late as he was bumped from the first one because it was overbooked. Although we were pretty ticked off at the time (I mean seriously, Army, can we not count?), it worked out to our advantage in the end. In July we decided to spend the 4th of July weekend visiting the Grand Canyon. That's also when I started blogging :) On this trip we also decided to add another member to our family, Buddy. We fell in love with him at first sight! We finished up our seven months in Arizona at the beginning of December. We celebrated Thanksgiving with a high school classmate of E's and his girlfriend. We got orders to PCS to Fort Hood, and left in the middle of December. Somewhere betweeen finding a home, signing into the unit, and getting our household goods, we travelled to Ohio for Christmas.
Now we're just adjusting to life in Texas and E's new job. This is also my first tast of real Army life. I've been volunteered to be the company's FRG leader, so we'll see how that goes.
Anyway, we had a great weekend and a great first year of marriage! Here's to many more!

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  1. Happy Anniversary! So happy for you guys that you got spend it together!

  2. Happy 1 year to you guys! Just in case you wanted to know, you will be kinda close to where I am going for boot camp. I was just letting you know in case you and buddy wanted to come and break me out, I would be ok with that! :)

    I think you will make a great FRG leader! I loved the FRG I belonged to with my EX! Also congrats on the weight lose! You are kicking butt and taking name, keep it up!

  3. Happy anniversary! Nice work on the cake. You have skillz! ;)

  4. Happy Anniversary!!! That cake looks great!

  5. Happy Anniversary! What a wonderful idea to recreate the cake! I wish I would've thought of that! On our first anniversary, we were living in Japan and I was bummed because the reality of bringing our top layer from Oklahoma to Okinawa was actually quite UNrealistic! Again, happy anniversary!!! <3