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01 March 2010

The Marriage Project

As most of you know, I recently read Kathi Lipp's The Husband Project and LOVED it! After reading it, I did a little research on her and found her website and blog, and saw that she was offering free copies of The Marriage Project to bloggers willing to review it. I loved the first book so much that I jumped at this opportunity!

The first question I asked myself after reading these books is "why in the world aren't we taught these sorts of things?," i.e. "why arent' we taught how to be good husbands and wives?"
E and I went through two separate marriage counseling sessions-- one was a marriage seminar that we attended with other Army couples and then we met with the Chaplain who married us for three weeks in a row. We went over two books, The Five Love Languages and The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work , and then covered some background information (how'd ya meet?, family, money, career plans, children, etc.). Although I felt these sessions were very helpful, I think they could have been improved with a little more "here's how to be a good spouse" info. I found this information in Kathi's books.

I haven't completed all of the projects yet, but reading the books, especially the first one, was a quite an eye opener for me. I feel much happier and more secure with our marriage just from reading the books. I would strongly recommend them to any couple. I think the one theme that is constant throughout the books is that one should just be nice to his or her spouse, it's as simple as that. The book also makes it clear that to serve and honor your spouse does not mean that you have to be a servant. You can do these things just by showing and doing things to let your spouse know that you love him or her.

The books are fast and easy reads, are well formatted, and are written by someone with a great sense of humor and who includes her own experiences (which, in my opinion, strengthens the message of her books), as well as biblical references. I really just can't say enough good things about the books. I'd be lying if I said the first year of our marriage has been all sunshine and rainbows, but after reading these books, the next few eight-or-so decades (ha!) just might be that :)

I read somewhere that she has a "The Me Project" in the works? If so, I can't wait to read it too!

Lastly, check out her "Freebies" page-- there are some really good resources on there :)

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  1. Good review! I think I may check them out :)