It's about love, it's about compassion, it's about kindness, and faith. It has nothing to do with luck. You get what you give…

So give good.

22 March 2010

E and I had such a great weekend!

It started on Friday when I got my beautiful new apron in the mail:

I got it just in time for my cake decorating class too! I bought it here, by the way. I'm really enjoying it and I signed up for the next class. E is pretty happy about me taking these classes because it means he gets cake in his lunchbox everyday. Although we didn't plan it, I'm taking the class with the wives of two of E's coworkers, which I thought was nice.

On Saturday we drove up to Waco to see Macbeth at Baylor University. We had a great time! The play was set in the present time, and I thought it was hilarious that instead of a cauldron, the three witches were working over a meth lab, ha! We finished up the day with a yummy meal from The Olive Garden and we looked around at office furniture. We've decided to buy a desk for E's office. I'm excited for him to get something that will keep him organized and he deserves a nice place to work. Right now he's using a plastic folding table and I have already claimed it as my future craft table.

We're also planning on buying a lawn mower soon. I worked on the yard almost everyday last week and it looks sharp! I just need to finish weeding a tiny little bit, lay down some mulch, and the back yard will be finished. I bought two chairs for the back porch and spray painted a little black metal table to match and it looks so nice out there-- I'm sure we'll have lots of fun out there this summer.

Lastly, I finished reading Eat, Pray, Love and Bitter is the New Black, both of which I enjoyed. I'm really sad, though, that I finished Bitter is the New Black because I liked it so much. I ordered the next two books and they won't be here until Wednesday :( I'm keeping myself busy, however, reading Three Cups of Tea, which I'm liking more than I thought I would!

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  1. I love that apron! It's very classy and cute. Makes me want to order one!

    Bitter is the New Black was my favorite of the Jen Lancaster books, I've read the rest of them and they are good, but my fave will always be Bitter.

  2. I love that apron! Excellent choice.

  3. That apron is too cute! I'm glad you had a great time at the play and the Olive Garden is always a good idea!

  4. You are just too cute! I just adore you! You and E make me believe that there is such things as happy endings in life! I love the apron!

  5. Adorable! I collect aprons. Where did you get your mannequin? I've been searching for one for along time.

  6. I knew you would love the book!!!

  7. The apron is adorable! I am almost done with Eat, Pray, Love. I liked it more than I thought it would. I'll have to checkout the other book you mentioned!

  8. I love the apron!

    I think the cake in lunch everyday is such a great idea! I never knew what to do with all of those cakes when I took the class. Of course C was deployed, so I just ended up eating a bunch of cake!

  9. I love the apron, and think its so cute. I think my favorite part about it are the ruffles on the bottom.