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So give good.

20 February 2010

Thankful Thursday, er Saturday!

So maybe I've been a little behind this week, ha!

On Wednesday I had a little scare with Buddy. I gave him a bath, dried him off, and took the towel to the laundry room, and while I was in there, he started crying like he was hurt. I'm sure all of you with dogs know how they behave when they're wet (Buddy runs all over the place!). I went to find him and he was sitting down and he was holding his right arm up and it was just dangling there. Being the calm, cool and collected person that I am, I overreacted and absolutely freaked out! He hobbled up to me and stopped crying, but he still wouldn't walk on it and he whimpered the few times he tried. I felt his arm and it felt alright and he didn't cry, so that made me feel better. By the time I called a vet to see if they offered emergency care, called E to let him know what was going on, and got dressed, Buddy was walking on all fours again, with no cries or whimpers at all. He saw me grab my jacket and he knows that I wear it everytime he gets a walk... that made him feel all better, ha! I was so shaken up by it all, though, and the first thought I actually had when I saw Buddy was that I don't think I'm fit for motherhood, as I absolutely freak out over the dog! I can't imagine what dealing with a sick or hurt child would do to me... So I'm definitely thankful this week that Buddy didn't break his little leg! We are also proud of the little guy because he can do puppy pushups now! It's where you train your dog to sit, then lay down, sit, repeat, like they're doing pushups. He's getting all big and bulky, haha!

On Thursday, E and I went to his Battalion Ball. It was nice, but kind of boring since we didn't know anyone. This one was so much better than the last one we went to. The last one didn't have a receiving line and everyone got trashed out of their minds. I mean, if your soldiers are going to pay for childcare, attire, and for the tickets, then you should be respectful enough to greet everyone. I also loved that this one didn't have a guest speaker in the traditional sense, but enlisted soldiers were chosen to speak about the deployment. I also got to see my first Grog Ceremony (I think that's what it's called?), where they'll take a foot locker and put in alcohol that symbolizes different parts of the Battalion's history. It looked refreshing, ha! I'm so happy that we ended up here in TX, especially since we drove through the Ft. Knox area (which was our number one choice coming out of the Career Course) and I wasn't impressed... at all. I think we'll be very happy here and we're looking forward to what the future, and Texas, has in store for us.

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  1. I think I panic with the dog more than CJ!! They just sound horrible when they are crying!!haha

  2. If you have kids you find that some part of your brain takes over that says if I freak the kid will freak and it makes it so much worse...of course once you know everything is ok then you lose it in a downpour of tears that your kid will look at you and go what the heck are YOU crying for!

  3. I'm glad to hear everything was ok with Buddy and that he didn't have to go to the vet!

  4. You'll love Fort Hood. Our second tour there we spent 6 1/2 years, and I miss it terribly!