It's about love, it's about compassion, it's about kindness, and faith. It has nothing to do with luck. You get what you give…

So give good.

21 February 2010

Love is in the Air

Yes, love is in the air here in our household. Our backdoor neighbors have this huge, and I mean huge, dog named Jinxy. Her head comes up to oh, about my neck... and that's when she's on all fours. Anyway, Buddy is in love with her. Yes, our 13 lb. dog is in love with a human-sized dog. Everytime we let him out he runs right to the fence to see if she's out, and the other day I caught them sniffing at each other through the fence.

It totally reminded me of this:

ooh la la, ma cherie!
{except that Buddy is the pretty one, ha!}

Also, I LOVE Huckleberry Prairie and here is one good reason why:

I can't wait to make some of those for E, especially the cherries-- he LOVES them!



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