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15 January 2010

The Patton Museum

E and I left a half day early to go to my parents' home for Christmas, so we took advantage of the extra time by stopping by The Patton Museum at Ft. Knox, KY. From the looks of Ft. Knox, I'm glad we didn't get stationed there and that we got our second choice instead-- I think I would have been disappointed there.
Anyway, I've always loved General Patton for some reason, so E decided to take me, and we both love that sort of thing anyway.

He was a little upset with me for not telling him to look in the right direction, haha!

Heck yes, women were in the war. I would SO have been Rosie, er Becky, the Riveter.

Sometimes I wonder if he'll miss tanking.... I mean, look how happy it makes him, hehe

I love what the caption underneath says, "Should a man get married he must be just as careful to keep his wife's love as he was to get it."

I asked E why he doesn't have this many medals yet, ha! He didn't think it was funny... at all.

His ivory-handled pistol.

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  1. Wow, SoldierMan would LOVE a trip to the Patton Museum. If we're ever in the area, I'll have to be sure we go.

  2. It looks like a great museum! Glad you had a fun time!