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29 December 2009

House Hunting and the Bully Puppy

We've driven 3200 miles in the past month, and we're finally settled down at home, thank goodness!

When we arrived, we began our search for a house. When we lived in GA and AZ, it really wasn't that big of a deal if the house was nice or not, as we were only in those places for about six months each. We'll be here, however, for about two years or so, so it was a big deal to find someplace nice to live.

We started looking in vain (realtors have the most confusing websites, I swear) and then we were pointed in the direction of ahrn.com (thanks so much, Brianna!) and through that site, we narrowed down our search to two homes that just happened to be managed by the same realtor. We made an appointment to see the first house and it had everything we wanted, plus much more! It's in a safe and nice looking neighborhood, it has a fenced-in back yard for poochy poo to play in, has lots of closet space, a huge master bath and an amazing kitchen!

The second house, however, was in a neighborhood that looked like it could either be good or bad, it was hard to tell. The living room, kitchen and dining room of this home were absolutely gorgeous, but the house was dirty and smelled bad, as it hadn't been cleaned yet. There was damage on a master bedroom wall that had been fixed by the previous tenant with paint that didn't match, and the guest bedrooms were, well, interesting. One had alternating walls of yellow and blue (and we're talking crayola colors, too), the second had red and blue and the third had the lower half of the wall, under the trim, painted baby pink while the top half was painted sky blue with clouds sponged on. I jokingly told E that he could use that room as an office, ha! It was crazy! It wouldn't have been too bad if those three rooms were set on fire...that house was just too big, too dirty, and those extra rooms were just too wild for us, so we chose the first house.

I was very concerned though, on the first day when E and I drove into the neighborhood, as we saw three little boys picking on another little boy. I told E to yell out the window for them to stop, but he wouldn't, and he wouldn't let me do it either. Let's just hope I don't catch those rotten boys in my front yard-- I'll get the Great White Gopher (Buddy) after them, ha!

* * * * *

Before E and I went to Ohio for Christmas, I was really worried that my dad and my parents' cocker spaniel, Maggie, would absolutely torment Buddy to the point where he'd never be right again. Maggie isn't mean, she's just extremely territorial, and I have a scar to prove it. We were absolutely shocked though, when Buddy would bark at Maggie to try and get her to play with him, and she was scared to death! He'd chase her and he ended up biting; her little nub of a tail a couple of times. He made her so mad a few times that she would chase him off. I couldn't believe that Buddy (who was so terrified of a little shih tzu on the first night of puppy school) was tormenting a mean, old dog who is a lot bigger than him. I though my dad would pick on Buddy, too, but again, Buddy was the bully. He'd chase my dad through the house and would bite his ankles and barked when dad had something good to eat and wouldn't give Buddy any. It's strange he did that, because we do not allow that at home! I guess he knew that my dad is a sucker for a cute puppy, ha!

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  1. Looking for a new home can be either good or bad...lol. Nice that you found a great house :)

  2. Isn't it amazing how dogs can react so differently to a variety of dogs? Lizzie is not friendly to other dogs, yet she never had a problem with Edward coming into our house. I think they can tell the difference between a passing dog, and one who is there to stay!

    I saw pictures of your house on Facebook, your kitchen looks amazing! Glad you are getting settled in!

  3. I'm glad you had a good time being home in Ohio and that you've found a great house in Texas!

  4. Ohh the joys of house hunting. I'm not looking forward to that part of our life...

    But it sounds like you found a gem! :)

    Cute story about your pup! Happy New Year!