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22 November 2009

That Dog's Gonna Be the Death of Me!

See that pool? It's only covered with a plastic solar panel, and Buddy decided to run across it yesterday. Let's just say, my heart nearly stopped. And yes, Buddy is standing over that dog....

He was standing on the part that curves inward and we yelled for him, as we didn't want him to fall in. What does he do? He jumps in. He starts to sink. I think I'm going to die. The look on his face as he began to haul butt getting out of the pool, however, was priceless! Feet, don't fail me now!

Yesterday E and I had dinner with another couple from Buddy's obedience class. We had a lot of fun and pretty much spent the whole day with them. Their dog Max (a shih tzu) and Buddy had so much fun playing, and played so well together. Buddy was terrified of Max at the beginning of puppy school, but his confidence has grown so much! It apparently has gotten so high that he thinks it's okay to jump into a pool...

Look at those sweet faces!

I think we need to get a little brother for Buddy. I can already see the look on E's face if I mentioned it though, haha!

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  1. Those pups are SO freakin cute together! He definitely needs a little brother or sister :)