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So give good.

06 November 2009

I'm absolutely disgusted by the happenings at Ft. Hood yesterday. As military wives, we are already too aware of the fragility of a human life when our husbands are or have been deployed, and it's awful that we now have to worry about their safety at home too. It literally made me sick to watch the news yesterday and to be honest, I'm happy the Major is still alive so that he can be punished for what he did. It's made me feel so anxious-- I guess it's a good thing that I have my first appointment with a counselor today.
* * * * * *
E and I are hosting another game night tomorrow evening-- the one we had last Saturday went very well and we had so much fun! Buddy was as good as gold too, which really surprised the two of us. Tonight we're going to relax, have a frozen pizza for dinner, and watch the movie Running With Scissors. I enjoyed reading the book, so hopefully E and I will like it.
Speaking of books, I finished up The Road, Me Talk Pretty One Day, and The Monster of Florence. The Monster of Florence was really good and it's a true story! I'm reading Water for Elephants now, and then I'll move onto the following: The Pillars of the Earth, A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier, and then The Wives of Henry VIII. I really could spend all day reading....
Now I'm off to get ready for my appt. and to the commissary, yippy skippy.
I hope everyone has a great weekend! :)

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  1. Loved Water for Elephants, and Pillars of the Earth! I saw The Monster of Florence on your GoodReads, I'll have to check it out..also the ones on the Wives of Henry VIII. So many books, so little time!

  2. Wow! You're really moving through your book list! That's great! I hope your appointment goes well.