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15 November 2009

I will have this tree. Oh yes, I will.

This will be the second year that E and I won't be able to put up a tree. Last year, he got home from Iraq right before Christmas and we ended up spending the holiday in Montana with his mom, so it would have been silly to put up a tree. We won't have a tree this year either, as we are PCSing once again next month and we'll be traveling for the holiday too.

I don't let it get me too upset... it gives me a chance to decide on exactly what I want! Well, while thumbing through Good Housekeeping the other day, I saw the perfect tree!

{picture found here}

Isn't it gorgeous?! I absolutely love green, but I kind of wanted to shy away from it since it could look silly to have a green tree decorated with green ornaments. I think the different shades of green, as well as the gold and silver accents, make this tree look lovely! I just can't wait to put up a tree next year!

Also, I just love reading magazines. I don't want to subscribe to any now, though, because we'll be moving soon and I'll just have to turn around and go through all of the fuss of changing our address. I think I'll be subscribing to Good Housekeeping, Everyday (Rachael Ray), and Self. What kinds of magazines do you all read? Are there any you'd recommend??? I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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  1. Yeah I like that tree too! Very pretty! I recommend Real Simple...Where are you PCS-ing to? Good luck with the move!

  2. Oh Lawdy, I have a horrible magazine addiction! I just started a spread sheet so that when PCS I can make sure to update our new address (it's really easy, you can do it online!)

    So I subscribe and recieve ever month:
    Martha Stewart Living
    Everyday Food
    Bon Appetit
    Country Living
    Southern Living
    Traditional Home
    Town and Country
    Real Simple
    Family Circle
    Better Homes and Gardens
    Marie Claire
    Oprah (got my last issue this month, won't renew, it was free!)
    Metropolitan Home

    Oh wow, I need help! Most of these I either found for free, or paid only 5 dollars for the year. There are some great money saving blogs out there!

  3. That tree is gorgeous! You have great taste!

  4. Oooh that is really really pretty!!!

    I love Real Simple. Martha Stewart Living, and Every Day Food!

    Does my pottery barn catalog count?

  5. I LOVE southern living!! And what a beautiful tree!! I wasn't going to decorate this year because of traveling/moving but decided I would anyway. Wal-mart had 6 foot trees for 20 dollars so I am just doing it really simple.

  6. I love that tree! I subscribe to martha stewart, glamour, entertainment weekly and southern living! They're great!

  7. That tree is gorgeous!! And yes MG does have a horrible magazine addiciton. She left about 100 at my house, hahaha. But I too love flipping through different magazines!

  8. That is a beautiful tree. One of my favorite things about the holidays is looking through magazines for ideas. Sometimes they are just so creative. Hopefully you will get to have a tree next year.