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09 November 2009

A Boy, er Girl Named Sue

Yesterday, E spent the day working on his family geneology, and it made me think of my own. His middle name, William, is a family name on both his dad's and mom's side, and we will more than likely pass that name on if we have a son.

In my family, a form of the name Susan is quite popular. I'm Becky Sue, by the way. It actually goes back five generations on my mom's side. I found out recently, however, that the name is not all we have in common. I'm not talking about genes either, haha! I'm talking about the men we "Sues" marry. I married a soldier, I think that's very obvious.

In the 80s, my parents met while my Dad was home from Germany on emergency leave-- his sister had died, and he ended up meeting my mother, Susan. So Susan Rene ended up marrying a soldier too!

My grandmother, Sandra Sue, met my grandfather because his duffel bags were delivered to her home rather than his when he was in the Army. They ended up eloping and she was like 15! Eek! I wish I had their wedding picture, because her dress was SO classy! It was a strapless, knee-length, poofy lace dress with a fitted bodice and a lace bolero jacket. They looked sharp!

The name Sue skips over my Great Grandma Thelma. She was kinda nutso anyway. The first time she met my dad, she called one of her dogs a little bastard and my dad thought she was talking to him! haha! She's always have her dogs cremated and put into Mason jars that she kept on her dresser when they died.

Lastly, there is my Great Great Grandma Susie. I found out recently that she too married a soldier who served during WWI. According to my mom, she'd hear from him very rarely and he'd send a post card every few months to let her know that he was okay. Could you imagine that? It makes me quite thankful that I was able to hear from E so much during his deployment. I don't think I could have handled just a post card every few months haha!

If E and I ever have a daughter, we'll have to think long and hard about passing along the name Susan. I mean, it's obviously cursed. Well, cursed or blessed, I haven't decided yet ;)

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  1. Wow, that's very interesting. I love hearing family histories, there are always incredible stories. This makes me want to look into my family history too. Very neat.

  2. How cool is that?!?!?!? It's funny that you posted this, for some reason I have been thinking about my family as well! I wanted to sign up for Ancestery.com put it is so $$$! Personally, I think the name is blessed!

  3. So very cool!! "Joseph" is a common name in both mine and my husbands family. We wanted to pass it on, but I didn't want two in my house!ha So we used it as Collin's middle name instead.

  4. I am going with blessed... marrying a soldier is the greatest gift of all!

  5. I think that's really cool that the name has kept getting passed!!

  6. I love that you have a family history with your name...and military men!