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02 November 2009


I am an Army wife, so I am no stranger to acronyms.

I wash my husband's ACUs (Army Combat Uniform), know that he carries cash (which he never usually does) to buy lunch at the DFAC (Dining Facility) or to get a haircut at the PX (Post Exchange). Last week E had to get his DA (Department of the Army) photo done for his ORB (Officer Record Brief), so I got to see him in his ASU (Army Service Uniform, aka Dress Blues, aka grrrr). It's gotten to the point where I don't have to ask him what an acronym means anymore. I either have them memorized already, or I figure them out on my own. Yes, apparently the Army has taken over my brain too! I came to this awful realization when I figured out what FTX (Field Training Exercise) and GWOT (Global War on Terror) meant without asking E or looking them up.

There is one acronym, however, that I hate more than any other. I'm not talking about PCS (Permanent Change of Station) either, but close. I'm talking about PMS.

When I was younger, my PMS only consisted of cramps, craving sweets, and acting like a crazy person.

Now I get every stinkin' symptom except for one. I know when my um, special time of the month is because I'll have trouble sleeping and have really, really wild dreams about a week before. It's really nothing that a nap the day after, ibuprofen, and ghiradelli chocolate can't help. I always feel so bad for E too, especially because he's so extremely patient and loving when I'm being unreasonably grumpy. I can't even imagine what I'll be like when I'm pregnant. He always says that he doesn't want for me to be pregnant or have to care for a newborn by myself if he will happen to be deploying soon (which will hopefully be a long time from now). I, however, think it might be good for our marriage if he's not around while I'm pregnant, haha! I don't really mean that, but I already know that I'm way too moody with just PMS and I can't imagine how "pleasant" I'll be while pregnant. When we do get pregnant, I'll make sure to ask everyone to pray for my husband! I know he'll need it! :)

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  1. Too funny.. that is so not where I saw this post going, but I love it because I can definitely relate! I get sooo irritable the week before. And I get the most vivid dreams as well. In fact, I did a whole post related to that recently. I'm glad you mentioned that because no one could relate to my crazy dreams the week before!

  2. I always notice my dreams more during that time too!

  3. Would you believe that my husband has been in the Army for going on 6 years and I never knew that that dress blues were called the Army Service Uniform?!

  4. Oh, I get so paranoid! It's sorry. And headaches, angry, crazy dreams... yeah

    But if it's comforting I had no issues while pregnant. At all. And because I'm breastfeeding I still haven't gotten PMS or the monthly vistor. 14 months and counting without the monthly vistor. YAY.