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So give good.

11 October 2009

Tombstone, AZ

E always tells such good stories and he tells them well-- it's one of the things that attracted him to me in the first place. The boy can always make me laugh. Anyway, everytime he tells me one of his wild stories, I tell him that he should keep a blog of his own. I didn't really see that happening, though, so I thought he could contribute to mine every once in a while, so that is where this came from. Poor Buddy doesn't do a full run when he runs away from other dogs, he puts his tail and butt down and then tries to run... and it doesn't really work well for him. I'm really hoping his classes help build up his confidence.

E and I have had a wild weekend-- I hurt one of my toes really bad yesterday morning, so I've got myself parked on the couch writing this, and then I'll bury my nose in a book. It doesn't hurt, it's just really gross and I'll spare all of you the details by not saying anything else about it. On Friday when we were in Tucson, we were driving in the middle lane of three lanes of traffic and the lady driving her car just to the right of us wasn't paying attention or something, and she was getting way too close to Gretta the Jetta, and she eventually got so close that I really thought she was about to hit us. So of course I freak out and start smacking the door so she'd realize what she was doing. While I was smacking away I yelled out E's name and ended up scaring him half to death. The lady did see me (I bet I looked like a nut) and got back in her own lane. When all was said and done, I really think E would have been less afraid if she'd hit us compared to how much my little fit scared him. Later in the evening, we saw something that cracked me up! Have you all seen those little family stickers that some people have on the back glass of their cars? You know, the ones where you can have a sticker for each person in the family? They usually fit in one corner of the glass, nice and neat. I, however, saw one that pretty much stretched across the whole car! No, it wasn't the Duggar family or Kate Gosselin. It was a family that included a mom and dad, a little girl, three dogs, six cats, a bunny and a fish. Yes, there were fourteen stickers on that car, ha!

* * *

E and I drove over to Tombstone, AZ today and it was just as we expected-- a tourist trap. The drive was really pretty though and we had a good lunch and I got a few good pictures.

There were fake gunfights when we showed up and they were pretty corny... and there were older women dressed up like whores. I'm serious, they were literally dressed up like saloon girls, and so were the waitresses at the bar we ate at. One of the girls was wearing a push up bra and she was literally about to pop out of it. Speaking of breasts, tonight we're having herb-roasted chicken breasts on the grill. It's one of my favorite meals and is super easy to make. You take boneless, skinless chicken breasts and trim off the excess fat. Pat them dry with a paper towel and pepper and salt each side. Then lightly brush on some olive oil and then sprinkle with your favorite herbs. Then just grill or bake until done. It's delicious!

Anyway, I really want to see the movies Tombstone and Wyatt Earp now so I can see why that little tourist trap town was such a big deal. I've seen Wyatt Earp before and learned about it in high school, but my poor memory just can't remember right now... We'll see.... Tomorrow is the last day of this lovely four-day weekend-- why is it that these breaks fly by so fast? It's just not right....



  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend!! I love the pictures.

    I always try to convince my hubby to blog (especially about deployments, Ranger School) and have had no such luck.

  2. Awesome pictures, and I LOVE your beautiful blog!

  3. Even if it was a tourist trap, at least you can say you have been there!

  4. It sounds like you ended up having a good time. Hope your toe starts feeling better soon!