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So give good.

10 October 2009

The Prison Shank Shuffle

I'm not really sure how this whole blog thing works, but I've been asked to give it a red hot go. Becky said some of the other husbands get on their wives' (wife's...?) blog and talk about a few things. Well, she asked me if I could write about Buddy's new dance move, the Prison Shank Shuffle.

Now if you're anything like me, you watch a lot of the History/Discovery/Man Info Channel shows on your time off. I like to think in a pinch I can MacGuyver my way out of a situation based only on my knowledge of a show (i.e. "I know what I'm doing... I saw this on a show once.") . One of those situations I never really want to be a part of (but would like to know how to get my way out of) is a prison fight. Yes, that means I have to have gone to prison, but I'm going to know as many prison things as I can before I go. So if you've seen any of these prison shows, you've probably seen a guy being chased by another guy with a shank. The guy running tightens every muscle above his waist and tries to run away by shuffling his feet as fast as he can. I call it the Prison Shank Shuffle.

Well, our little (turdlet) dog was doing this during his puppy lessons. The 12 week Shih Tsu in the class kept chasing him around, and instead of running like he can (to get away), Buddy did this shuffle. He ran around the entire room two or three times trying to "get away." I laughed way too hard and got a few dirty looks when I told Becky what I thought he was doing. Ever since then, I've been making songs and carrying on about Buddy doing the Prison Shank Shuffle. Maybe I'll get it on my phone next time for fun.



  1. lol, ok now THAT's funny! I would have been laughing with you if I saw that. Poor puppy! lol