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14 October 2009

oh my goodness, i'm tired

I got up early this morning and had to leave for my appt. before E even had to leave. I was surprised at how easy the trip to the dr. and pharmacy was. I kind of had the idea that it was going to be a pain in the butt to deal with, but I was wrong and in and out of both places fast.

I came home and then went back out to run some errands-- I had to book/ pay a deposit for Buddy to be boarded during Thanksgiving since E and I are planning on going to his dad's in CO. I hate to leave him, but I know E's dad and his new wife won't be happy if Buddy pees or poos in their new house. Sorry, Buddy :( I'm boarding him at the vet's office that he goes to (I love it there, they always take such good care of him), and it's so convenient that they also do boarding as well as grooming too. Anyway, there was a crazy Army wife in there, and I'm not talking about me! One of the receptionists was holding a ferret and the crazy Army wife smelled it and said loudly "it smells like the fair in here!" They keep the place nice and clean, but granted, it is going to smell sometimes, especially when someone close is holding a ferret. Then her little boy opened the door and tried to walk out and she pulled him in and yelled "how dare you?!" So he threw himself on the floor and started crying and she yelled at him again to get off the floor because she said it was "disgustin'." So she leaves and I pay for Buddy's stuff and when I walk out, her son is on one side of the parking lot and her little chihuahua puppy is wondering around too... without a leash. The thing was so small that no one would have seen it or even heard it if they ran over it. It was like she just didn't care that both of them were all over the place. Geesh. And when I was pulling out, some psycho pulled in going way too fast and nearly hit my car-- can you imagine what it would have done to the little boy or dog? This all, however, is coming from the person who already knows that she'll be overprotective of her children-- I've overprotective of my dog for Pete's sake, haha!

Anyway, I came home and tried to clean up the yard a bit. Our lawn, if you want to call it that, is way to rocky for a lawn mower, so we just bought a weedeater instead. I was so disappointed when I ran one battery dead and discovered the other one hadn't been charged, so I didn't get much accomplished with that.

Then we had Buddy's puppy training and a late dinner. I'm so tired from my long day and I didn't do anything around the house-- it makes me feel awful. Oh well, I have no plans for leaving the house tomorrow! I'm sure it'll be sparkling clean by the time my beloved gets home :) Lastly, I've been enjoying Say You're One of Them, although the second story is really testing my limited French skills, haha!

Shameless Dog Picture:

Sometimes I think he's smarter than us, seriously. And sometimes I think that he doesn't know he's a dog, but a real little boy instead just like Pinochio.

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  1. Glad you made it to the docs, I hope they were able to help! :)

    I think all dogs and cats hold the key to life. I swear they do, and they are one day waiting for us to wake up and relize it! lol

  2. Glad you made it and didn't get hit in the parking lot! It sounds like you had a super busy day. Get some rest girl!

  3. Wow, crazy day! What crazy people.

  4. Hope you are having a restful weekend after all of that! And the pic of your dog is darling!