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18 October 2009

Friend Makin' Monday: What Makes You Happy?


This weeks theme at Friend Makin' Monday is "What Makes You Happy?"

First and foremost, this guy makes me happy:

It makes me happy when his gives me kisses before leaving for PT in the morning and how I can smell his shaving cream (it smells SO good!), when he tells me that I look pretty, making him laugh and when he makes me laugh (he's one funny guy), hearing him say "good dinner, baby" after a meal, when he surprises me with chocolate from the PX (he knows the way to my heart haha), and seeing him in uniform, especially those dress blues.

He makes me happy, too:

I know I'm extremely biased, but I think Buddy's so stinkin' cute that I could just eat him up with a spoon! It makes me happy that I make him happy-- he's such a mama's boy and is so happy to see me even if I've just been gone a few minutes. I just love seeing that tail wag....

What else....

♥ when I'm driving and a good song comes on the radio

♥ a wonderful new recipe

♥ reading magazines/ a genuinely good book

♥ a clean, well-decorated home

♥ getting things in the mail... except junk mail-- I hate that stuff

♥ fresh sheets that smell like fabric softener

♥ pretty things (I know this one is vague...)

♥ taking naps

* * * * *

E and I didn't do a thing all weekend-- that made me pretty happy too!

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  1. Oooh, reading your list made me happy. I ♥ so many of the thing on your list, even the little ♥'s. :)

    I was wishing I'd put fresh sheets that smell like fabric softener on my list when I got them out of the dryer after my post.

    Happy Monday! {almost}

  2. I love your little hearts! So cute! That was definitely a good list, and your dog is adorable, it's not just you! :)

  3. Ahh you have so many great little things that are so easy to forget about, yet are so wonderful in life! I LOVE getting mail too (and bloggy comments!)

    Happy FMM!


  4. Great list! I like getting things in the mail and taking naps too :D

  5. I love new recipes and good songs on the radio!! Your list is great. :) Happy FMM!!

  6. Great List!! Love your puppy!! So cute!!

    I love your book list!! I have an entire blog dedicated to Jane Austen

    Your Wedding dress is super pretty!! Is that a little shawl you are wearing??

  7. That's such a great list! Those are great pictures as well!

  8. Oh yum...nothing like fresh clean sheets!

  9. You are so cute! Love your list :)

  10. I love posts like these because they really make you think about the little pleasures in life. And Buddy is pretty stinkin' cute!