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So give good.

09 October 2009

9 OCT 2009

E has a four day weekend starting today and I'm SO happy! He had such a long work week, that started on Sunday and included long days, so I'm looking forward to lots of time with my sweetheart :)

We both took Buddy to his first obedience lesson on Wednesday, and I must say that I'm very pleased with it. Buddy was so shy at first (he spent their break time being chased by the other two dogs... isn't it funny that the smallest dog in the class ganged up on the other two? Seriously, this itty bitty shihtzu was running the show, haha.) Buddy did all of his exercises well, and he came out of his shell by the end of the lesson, thank goodness-- I really, really want him to be socialized well. And, we've learned a way to train him not to bite us... that land shark dog has some sharp teeth, let me tell you what. Yesterday one of the other wives called and wanted to go to the dog park. When I got there, she was already there and in the big dog half. So I spent the whole time carrying Bob like a baby because those dogs were way too big. So I probably made his shyness just a little worse. We took a walk around the park afterward, and Buddy tried to play with her dog, so that made me happy to see. I swear, I feel like a mother who is sending the little one off to kindergarten. Isn't that sad? Maybe....

Anyway, E and I have planned out a nice weekend. In a few hours, we're leaving for Tucson where we're planning on stopping at the following places:

In & Out Burger for lunch

(if you're ever in AZ, NV, or CA, you'll have to try it! It's so good and they always use fresh ingredients. E and I eat here every time we go to Tucson and we love it!)

The Desert Museum

E and I have heard great things about this place-- I'll be sure to post pictures :)

Saguaro National Park

This one is tentative, but we'll see.

♥ PetSmart

Buddy needs a new leash, food and water bowls for his kennel, some treats, and maybe even a new toy or two :)

♥ Michael's

I love this place entirely too much... and I want to make a few of these.

♥ Macy's

I'm out of my face stuff...and I want this. I'm a sucker for anything cheap, or better yet, free. And those bags are just too cute!

We might catch dinner up there too, if we're up there late enough.

* * * *

On Sunday, we're going back to Apple Annie's Orchard, but we're getting Pumpkins this time. I loved going there last time, and all the greenery and farms reminded me of home. I'll be sure to get some pictures of that too :)

* * * *

Last night I made chicken wings for dinner-- it was a nice, greasy way to end this long week, haha! I don't feel bad having them every once in a while because 95% of my meals are healthy and well balanced. Speaking of healthy and well balanced, E and I had this for breakfast, haha! It really is SO good and I love cakes without iciing.

Lastly, I finally finished Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. It wasn't bad at all and I liked that the integrity of the original was kept intact. If you happen to read it, make sure to read the discussion questions, because they're pretty funny. I can't wait to read Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters, but I'll wait as I have other books to read. I think after I finish my fall time list that I'll work on reading the works of Jane Austen, William Shakespeare, and Flannery O'Connor. That would be a good spring time thing to do. Now that I have time, I just want to read everything and I get so disheartened because I want to read everything... right at this exact moment. That's just not going to happen, so I'll have to pace my crazy self.

Well, we're off to the city soon-- I have to find a Michael's "20% off your entire purchase" coupon first. I told you I was cheap....



  1. Yay for a four day weekend! Your trip to Tucson sounds so fun! If you get a chance, hit up Eegees for me, I've been craving one!

    Have fun!