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24 September 2009

Where the Wild Things Are

(sorry, this is a shameless dog post)

I'll tell you where the wild thing is-- right here in my house.

I ditched my "to do" list yesterday and took Buddy to the park instead. Then I came home and left the little guy to go grocery shopping, so my list wasn't completely thrown down the toilet.

He didn't know what to think about the park. He circled me like the land shark he is and kept jumping up on my legs to get me to carry him. I guess he wanted to take me for a walk.

Anyway, back to Where the Wild Things Are. E and I saw the trailer at a movie a few weeks ago, and it made me think of the book. I think Buddy looks so much like the character Max, especially when he's being rotten, i.e. anytime he's not sleeping.


{Hmmm, this looks like Buddy, a.k.a. the dog who thinks he's too good to walk. I mean, why walk when you can be carried? I made him walk.}

I really think he learns something rotten to do every day. He's learned to jump on the couches, which is really annoying when we're trying to eat dinner. Today I caught him "pre-cleaning" the dishes in the dishwasher.

{He's lucky he's so cute, otherwise he wouldn't have a single thing going for him, ha!}

{I pushed the dishes into the washer to get him to leave them alone. It didn't stop him....}

I'm really excited to start his obedience training, and I hope the trainer isn't mean. He still isn't housetrained (oops) but I have taught him how to sit! ha! I do love that rotten pup and I just want him to be a good pup, because I know he has it in him. :)


{This would so be Buddy if he were a real little boy-- although I'm 100% sure that he does think he's a boy and not a dog.}

We've decided to have Buddy neutered and chipped, and I made the appointment for Monday. I'm sure that will call Mr. Hyperactive down.

{this is a look Buddy wears a lot-- his angry, snarly, look-how-sharp-my-teeth-are face. he really does have quite a mean expression sometimes, and it's usually when E is around. poor buddy doesn't realize that he's not as intimidating as he thinks wishes}


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