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13 September 2009

Oh, the animals

I am continually amazed by the "critters" I've seen in Arizona. Or maybe disturbed would be a better word?

On our first day here, E and I saw a road runner on post, and we've also seen quite a few in our yard and in the neighborhood. They are too fast for me to get a good picture of though, haha! When we found a house to rent, I immediately fell in love with the rabbits in the yard-- it was funny to see them fight (don't worry, they don't fight aggressively-- I'm not a sicko), because they're about as intimidating as, well, bunny rabbits. I did not, however, fall in love with the about five or so scorpions we found in the house. Eek! I also saw a snake in the yard a week or so ago-- it didn't look like a rattler, but still. Did I mention yet that I'm not a big wimp? No? Well, I'm not a big wimp, I'm THE big wimp. Anyway, when E mowed our "lawn" a few weekends ago, he saw hoof prints, which could have belonged to either a deer or a javelina. I'm pretty sure I could go without seeing a javelina in my yard. And don't even get me started on the hummingbirds-- they are so aggressive with each other and will go through 56 oz of food a day. I have a hard time keeping up with them. One night E heard coyotes down in the wash behind our house and it scared Buddy. Lastly, I saw a spider crossing the road the other day on post that was so big it would surely have left a dent in my car if I hit it, no joke! It was furry and so long legged. It gives me the creepy crawlies just thinking about it! Those are all of the animals I've seen so far in AZ-- thankfully, I have not seen a rattlesnake yet. If/ when I do, I will surely die. Overdramatic, much? I like AZ and I love our home, I really do, but my poor, little heart just can't handle the animals.

Especially this one, haha!:

{I'm joking. I love that dog more than any person should love a dog.}



  1. That spider sounds crazy! Next time, take a picture!

  2. Ohhh I feel your pain on the spiders!! This morning CJ was in his high chair while I was making breakfast. I looked over and saw him staring at something on his tray, I walked over and it was a hairy spider!!ewwww

  3. I can't handle spiders, bugs, snacks or animals that I don't even know what their called. If I was in AZ, I would be walking around with a big, giant can of bug spray in my hands ALL the time~

  4. oh ps snacks = snakes...it's way too early for me hahah