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So give good.

22 September 2009

My Husband is Broken

E was supposed to have a PT test this morning. He was all ready to go, too-- he hasn't had any pop this week, he gave himself a good stretch out last night, and he had bought a power bar to have for breakfast. He took a shower last night before bed and stubbed his foot getting out of the shower and ended up breaking one of his toes. So, no PT test today, although he took one a few weeks ago and passed. That one was supposed to be a practice one, or something like that, so they'll just stick it on his evaluation if his foot doesn't heal up enough for him to take another test by the time he finishes this course.

The thing that disappointed him the most, though, was that he didn't have a good story to tell about the toe. He tried to make something up about fighting a grizzly bear, but it just didn't work out for him, haha! In college, he broke the same toe on his opposite foot while swimming for PT. He accidently kicked someone hard enough to break that toe. He was disappointed, too, that he didn't get to kick someone this time. I don't know about him....

I think I'm going to start buying a few Christmas gifts here and there-- I know a few things that I want to buy for E, but I can't post them on here because he does read my blog from time to time, ha! I am really excited because I've come up with a few great gifts-- he is just so hard to buy for. I'm making him agree on an amount though before we buy gifts, because the turd sweet darling always spends way more than I do and then I feel bad.

Anyway, poor E is limping around. He's not allowed to run/ jump/ go on ruck marches for a month. The funny part is, he said that he was just so close to physical perfection and then he had to go and mess it up by getting hurt, hahaha! That's not me being mean. That's him being silly-- he's kind of been skimping on PT since we've been in AZ. There's never a dull moment with that crazy guy around.... and I love it!



  1. That sucks that he broke it again!
    Um hello....I love Christmas shopping!!!

  2. Oh no! That sounds painful!