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So give good.

04 September 2009

I was so disappointed not to be able to take part in Kelly's "Show Us Your Life" this week (this week's theme is school pictures), but I don't have a single picture from my school days here-- they are all thousands of miles away in Ohio....

I am, however, excited to have a nice, long weekend to spend with my mini-family. E told me last weekend to make a few plans this weekend, as he'd have a four-day weekend.

Last night we were supposed to go to Tucson and have dinner with a few of E's classmates and their spouses. He, however, decided not to go since they were having dinner so late and were all staying up there for the night. I was disappointed because I really wanted to meet one of his classmate's wives (E thinks we would hit it off), but I'm glad we didn't end up going because I was fighting sleep at 8:30 (old lady alert!). We'll have everyone over eventually.... We ended up having pizza hut and it was tasty as usual. I always get veggie lovers (sans olives) and my carnivorious husband gets his with just pepperoni. I always wonder how they get their crust to be so yummy....

Today we stayed around the house. We're catching up on Mad Men and will be having egg rolls for dinner. He liked them so much the last time I made them that he asked for them again! It's nice to know that he likes my cookin'!

{I love Mad Men too much--
If I could find this dress,
I'd SO buy it for the next Military Ball we go to, ha!}

Tomorrow E has to mow the lawn. I say "has to" because I saw a snake slithering through the weeds the other evening. I want all of those weeds gone! Yes, I'm a wimp but I just can't deal with snakes. Anyway, our yard is about 45% bare (dirt), 45% covered by weeds, and 10% grass. If we owned this house I'd get rid of the grass and weeds and have it all covered with stones-- a lot of the homes here have stone-covered yards and they're LOVELY! Then we're going to see Inglourious Basterds. I had to look it up to make sure I spelled, er... mispelled, that correctly.

On Sunday we're going to Brewery Gulch Daze, although I'm kind of afraid to go to a festival where "Days" is spelled "Daze." I've heard it's Hippie Central, U.S.A. We'll see....

We don't have any plans for Monday-- I'll probably keep it that way.


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  1. I almost saw that movie last night but opted for All About Steve instead. Have a great 4 day togehter!