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19 September 2009

Apple Annie's and Sorry Vista

E and I went to Apple Annie's Orchard today with a few of his classmates and their spouses. I was so happy to go, as I've been whining for the past month about not being able to go pick apples and pumpkins this year. We made it there and, of course, it started to rain although it was not in the forecast for today, but thankfully it cleared up soon. We started off with lunch-- they have the most delicious apple-smoked hamburgers, and since this was "My-Oh-My Apple Pie" weekend, we had apple pie and homemade ice cream for dessert. We also bought a few granny smith apples, so I can make the apple strudel recipe I found in October's Rachael Ray magazine, a pint of apple butter, and an apple dumpling to eat after dinner tomorrow.

E in the apple orchard.

Oh my goodness it's greenery! I love the mountains in AZ.
I thought these peppers were absolutely lovely.
I was really hoping to find green tomatoes at the produce farm, but I didn't get my hopes up. Lo and behold we found some! I now have about five beautiful green tomatoes sitting on my kitchen counter waiting to be sliced, tossed in seasoned flour, and fried up to a beautiful crisp! We want to go back next month when the pumpkin patch and corn maze will be open.

It seems like every time it rains here, I get a horrible headache due to the change in barometric pressure. We were supposed to go to his classmates house, but my head was hurting so bad by the time we got home from the orchard that we just ended up staying home.

Lastly, I've noticed that quite a few towns that have Army posts incorporated into them have been given clever names. Hinesville, GA (Ft. Stewart) was called Hines-vegas. Fayetteville, NC (Bragg) is sometimes referred to as Fayette-nam. There's Rat-cliff, KY, rather than Radcliff (Knox). I was kinda disappointed that there wasn't some clever name for Sierra Vista, the town Ft. Huachuca is incorporated into. E informed me today that one of his instructors call it Sorry Vista, haha! I don't hate it here, but I'm ready to move on to greener (or not-so-greener, as in I've heard our next duty station is not-so-green) pastures.



  1. Wow, apple picking. I love apple picking. I will definitely have to keep that in mind when we get back to Ft Huachuca.

  2. I want to go apple picking! I think that will be something that C will get roped into soon!

    Also, people also called Clarksville, outside of Fort Campbell, Clarksvegas.

  3. If you're talking about Hood when you say, "not so green" your are 1,000 times correct! If you send me your e-mail or another way to contact you I will let you know all about this place!

  4. Oh my goodness! I haven't been able to go apple picking since I was a kid! It's always so much fun! Sorry you got a headache!

  5. Where are you off to next? And being a Pennsylvania girl, I am so JEALOUS of that apple butter!! The Amish make it where I used to live and it is so good I eat it with a spoon right out of the jar!!

  6. Very nice, at least there is a lot to do there. We go to Fort Sill in May for 6 months of Career course. Just be thankful that is not your next post...haha