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So give good.

24 August 2009



It looks like E and I might be going to a Halloween party that we'll have to dress up for. I keep teasing him by saying that he should dress up like a carrot so that I can buy a pair of bunny ears to dress buddy up with. After watching this video, however, I'm not sure if it's such a good idea. So my wonderful carrot idea is a no go. E says that he wants to dress up like Pee Wee Herman, haha. Since I already think that I am June Cleaver, I thought I could dress up like her for Halloween. (this is a big thing for me, I haven't dressed up for Halloween since grade school).
I found this dress and thought it was cute:


I also looked up old, vintage aprons on ebay and found some nice ones. I was, however, kind of disappointed that every other listing was for trashy lingerie, haha.
I'm also going to buy some fake pearls-- there's no way that I'm wearing my real pearls to some Army Halloween party where I know at least a few people will get trashed. E bought me a strand of pearls and a pair of pearl earrings as a wedding gift and I'd really be upset if anything happened to them, so they're going to be set aside for classier occasions.

I need to make more hummingbird nectar even though I just made some a few days ago. There were about ten birds swarming my little feeder yesterday... they are surprisingly aggressive. I really need to go buy another feeder, or two, just so they'll stop being so territorial. I hear them squawking and fighting all day, so maybe that would make me less afraid to step out on the back porch, haha. It really does look like a scene from the movie The Birds out there....
{notice that I took this picture from behind the safety of the screen door}

Lastly, here is my Egg Roll recipe for Karren, and anyone else who'd like it.
I really want to try Avocado Egg Rolls soon and will share that if I do. I've had them at the Cheesecake Factory a couple of times and they're so good! Great...now I'm hungry.



  1. I love your idea of being June Cleaver for Halloween. That dress is very cute and I think it would perfect with an apron & pearls!

    Thanks for the recipe! I will have to let you know how it turns out ;)

  2. I love Halloween parties and dressing up! I think those costume ideas are great! BTW love the new layout!

  3. I can not wait to try your eggroll recipe!! Looks wonderful!!