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So give good.

20 August 2009

Payback is a ... Buddy?

So after the past few days of awful sinus headaches, I finally feel like a person again. Thank goodness! Anyway, the first thing I did today was make hummingbird food, so that the hummingbirds outside will stop flying away angrily when they realize that the feeder was dry as a bone.

After I cleaned up the house a bit, I went to the commissary to get groceries for dinner tonight (homemade eggrolls, yummy!), and had to leave Buddy at home, which he hates. This was also after I gave him a bath, so one can imagine what kind of mood this put him in . When I got home, he jumped up on my leg and as I was petting him, he peed on my bare foot! Seriously! E saw my foot and said, "yeah, I can see a few drops." "Drops," doesn't describe it. Buddy full up peed on me! I guess that's what I get for bathing, and then abandoning him....

Tomorrow E and I are going to Tucson! I'll be so happy to get out of Sierra Vista for awhile, even if it's just for the day. We are planning on having lunch at In & Out Burger. All of the food is fresh and tastes so good! E and I have never had it before our trip to the Grand Canyon, so it's a nice, new treat for us. We'll be getting some things for Buddy Bob, some new shoes and books for E, and I'm sure that I'll find something good too ;o) I really want to go to Main Gate Square (as in the Main Gate to the U of A), so I'll have to sweet talk E into that. I mean, we're headed up that way, we might as well see as much as we can, right? ;o)

Also, E and I have recently developed an addiction to AMC's Mad Men (we're actually watching it via Netflix dvd now), and I found this article, which is a list of books the characters have been seen reading on the show. I thought it was interesting, although Sylvia Plath's name is mispelled in it. Ugh.... That, however, is coming from someone who wrote and delivered a paper on Plath in college. I read so much of her work and things about her, that I thought I was becoming depressed myself. Oh dear! So, I've realized that it's best for one's sanity to read Sylvia Plath in moderation.
Anyway, I'm looking forward to tomorrow and will take lots of pictures!


Please pray for Karren & KPod; their husbands deployed recently.


  1. Glad to hear you're feeling better!

    You will have to share your eggroll recipe with me. I looooove eggrolls!

    P.S. -- Thanks for the comments, and especially for the prayers!!

  2. Have a great time!!!! It's always nice to get away even if it's just for a day! In & Out burger....love it!