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So give good.

24 August 2009

"Not Me" Monday

his week's "not me" is one that is especially near and dear to my heart. So... I may or may not treat my dog like he's my child. Well, maybe it's not that I treat him like a child, but I feel as if he is. There's just something about that rotten little guy that just melts my heart.
{don't be fooled, though. this little guy can go from teddy bear to grizzly bear in 1 second flat}

Erik and I went to Tucson on Saturday, as I've previously mentioned, and I worried about Buddy the whole time we were gone! I seriously could not stop thinking about him. It makes me feel better thinking about being a mother, though. I always kind of wondered if I "had it in me" to be a mom, so to say. Don't get me wrong, I want children very badly, I've just always wondered if I would be a good mother or not.
When we were gone, Buddy found a sponge that I had left on the side of the bathtub and tore some of it apart, so he was pukey yesterday. It broke my heart seeing him laying down because he didn't feel well. I was ready to walk out the door to go buy him some Pepto and/ or children's Tylenol, but the little guy perked up and started to act like his normal self. Normal as in he started attacking me.
I know I might be pathetic, but I love that little guy. I love those brown eyes, and how happy he is to be with E and me. He's just happy as can be when you give him a little love. My favorite thing about him, though, is that when he gets ready for bed, he'll lay down and then swirl his tail around a couple of times like a helicopter blade. It's like he's literally winding himself down for the evening, haha! He's smart as a whip too-- sometimes I think he's smarter than the two of us! The only advantage we have is the ability to speak and that we have opposeable thumbs, haha.

So... I guess I'm one of those people who thinks my dog is a child. At least I don't dress him up or cook for him, though. See? I'm not that pathetic.
{b-- or "she who loves her wigglebutt"}



  1. We treat our dogs like people as well! You can't help it when you have a dog and no kids!

  2. Aw! That's cute that you love your dog that much!

  3. I know what you mean, I have two cats and they are our sons (for me and my husband) they are preparing me for mommy-hood!