It's about love, it's about compassion, it's about kindness, and faith. It has nothing to do with luck. You get what you give…

So give good.

31 August 2009

I've been so disappointed with myself lately, and I think that if I put it out there, so to speak, that I'll be more likely to actually do something about it. I mean, isn't the admission that one has a problem the first step of recovery? haha....

After I graduated college in 2007, I changed my eating habits and started walking a lot. By the time E had got home for his midtour leave in Jan. '08, I had lost 30 pounds. During this process I promised myself that there was a point (actually a weight) that I never wanted to be close to again. Well lo and behold, I'm right back at that point. I haven't gained all of that weight back (just about half), but it's still so disappointing. I was so good about eating well, exercising and not drinking pop, but water before E's leave. Then he came home and I was on such a happy high that I figured I could let loose and drink pop with my meals, and eat whatever I wanted. I mean, E did so I thought I could too. Wrong! E is naturally very slender and is a runner, so he can eat whatever he wants and still look hot, I mean good :o) Apparently the boy has the metabolism in our relationship. So yes, I've put on some "happy weight," and now it's making me not so happy. At all. I feel miserable all the time and I know I make E miserable too, even though I know he would never admit it. He doesn't deserve that. He also doesn't care about my weight, he just wants me to be happy and healthy. I'm not doing this for him, don't get me wrong, but I do want to feel like the wife that he deserves.

So to remedy my self-inflicted misery, I'm going to cut out the pop, watch what I eat, exercise more, and make healthier meals. I love E and I want him to be healthy too. So I've taken my goal, divided it by three, and will reward myself when I meet each goal.

{If I've learned anything from E, it's that sometimes you have to trick yourself into getting things done-- he calls it "outsmarting yourself," haha}

Goal #1:


Goal #2

I want to crop this just to show his hat and flowers, have it blown up, and then put in a frame that matches our bedroom furniture. I love this picture and we don't have any pictures at all hanging up in our bedroom and this would be lovely.

Goal #3

Mama's gonna need a new pair of jeans.


Lastly, when E and I have kids, I can only hope that they are as helpful as Buddy is. When I clean, the little guy doesn't leave my side and I'm 100% sure that he'd help me out... if he could. I say that he's the best little helper that doesn't actually help, haha! He melts my heart!



  1. Good luck getting to your goal! I'm sure you will hit it...esp when presents are involved!!

  2. I think that's great to create goals. Good luck!!!

  3. You can do it!! Good for you for setting goals!