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04 August 2009

Four Months o' Marriage

Four months ago today, at 1:30 pm, E and I were married :o)

It doesn't seem like it's just been four months, but at the same time, I can't believe how fast the time has passed. In honor of our 0.333 year anniversary, I thought I'd make my guy some cookies. These cookies, to be exact. I usually burn the first batch of cookies to a not-so-nice crisp, but these actually turned out well, if I say so myself.

It's been a busy four months. We've PSCed from Ft. Stewart to AZ, travelling thousands of miles. We set up our new house, vacationed at the Grand Canyon, and have had a new addition to our two-person family. We've been through a lot/done a lot/ and have grown a lot during the last four months, and, for that, I am thankful.

Speaking of our four-legged bundle of furry joy, Buddy has been especially fun lately. I think he learns some new rotten thing to do everyday and the dog is SO smart. Sometimes I think that he's TOO smart! Here are some of his new favorite things to do:

- if his doggy dish is empty, he'll make sure that we're aware of this also. He's learned to pick it up and drag it to the tile in the foyer and drop it there because it makes lots of noise.
- if we go somewhere, we'll put him in our bathroom because it's nice and cool and he likes to nap in there anyway. Well, I think we'll have to start putting him in his kennel again, because he's learned to knock over the trash can and he'll chew the rugs to bits.
- this one is my favorite: he's learned that if he tries hard enough, that he can prop himself up against the wall in the bathrooms and reach the toilet paper. So I've spent the past few days picking up shredded toilet paper off the floor.

I swear, if he wasn't as cute as he is, he'd have nothing going for him at all, haha! He's rotten as can be, but we love him nonetheless :o)

- love, b

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  1. Congrats on month number 4! That's great!

    Ps, I love your blog!