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So give good.

04 August 2009


Have I mentioned before that I hate AZ? Well, I do.

Tonight we found the fifth scorpion in our house since we moved here in May. It scared Buddy and scared me even more, because I thought it bit him. E and I both checked him over, and Buddy is acting just fine, thank goodness. It's a pain in the butt to move, but I think I'll be embracing this next PCS.

I don't like to whine about where the Army sends us, but worrying about scorpions (especially with Buddy in the house) really worries me.

I sprayed one half of the house, and E took over with the other half, so hopefully that'll keep them away for awhile. It have been about a month or more since we saw that last one, so I guess we'll just have to spray more often whether we think we need it or not. We do need it! Eek!


  1. That would freak me out hardcore! I'm glad he didn't get bit!

  2. Eeek!! I'm not sure I could handle that either!