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So give good.

10 August 2009

Cross Stitching and Ebay

I'm a big fan of ebay...probably too big of a fan. E was talking about having an outdated copy of the Army Officer's Guide, so I bought him a new one (the 51st/ 2009 Edition). I also looked to see what I could find on Ebay and I found this:
It's a copy of the guide from 1942 (the 8th Edition). Besides being aged, it's in VERY good condition.

I have also been keeping myself busy with this:

I've always loves cross stitching and bought a lot of stuff to do it when we made our trip to Phoenix (there are no craft stores around here...). So far it's coming out nicely and I stitched today until my hand hurt, haha.

It was LOVELY in Arizona today. Actually it stormed and rained a lot, but it reminded me of fall time weather in Ohio, which I love. It's making me anxious for Halloween and Thanksgiving. I'm trying to talk E into dressing up like a carrot and then I'll dress Buddy up like a bunny. We'll see. ;o) All of this is making me want a piece of my mom's amazing pumpkin roll that she makes for Thanksgiving and Christmas.... {sigh}


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  1. I love Ebay but I love Etsy! I have a very un healthy money habit with both lol