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So give good.

31 July 2009

Thank Goodness It's Friday! {Flashback Friday}

First, I wanted to start off with two HUGE pet peeves.

1. When military men wear boutonnieres on their dress uniforms-- This is not allowed! On top of that, it looks ridiculous.
2. When soldiers wear a beret incorrectly-- I've seen soldiers wear a beret wrong and they look like Chef Boyardee. It's fine if one has an affinity for canned pasta, but if that person is a soldier, the answer is no. I've also seen soldiers wear a beret with the flash over the wrong eye. Seriously, it's not too hard to figure it out-- I'm just an Army wife and I know when it's wrong.

Yes, it looks like E and the Army have me ruined. I pick apart uniforms that I see out and about and on tv. The phrase, "his/ her uniform is all jacked up," has entered my vocabulary. I've even learned to figure out acronyms without asking E.

Okay, enough crazy-Army-wife ramblings.

The wonderful Jennifer posted cute baby pics for Flashback Friday, and I thought I'd do the same with pics of E and me. E and me...that sounds nice :o) That's another pet peeve, when people will say "I," where "me" belongs. I'm feeling snotty today: blame it on the puppy who keeps waking me up tooooo early. I digress....

Here are some baby pictures of E and me:



  1. Awwww, I love your cute pictures!!!!

  2. I'm with you on the boutannieres! That drives me NUTS!

  3. Have you ever seen the old version of Yours, Mine, and Ours? It's hard for me to watch because the husband's rank and uniform changes CONSTANTLY throughout the movie! You'd think if you were putting enough effort into making a MOVIE involving a military man, you'd look into how he's supposed to dress!!!