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30 July 2009

Show Us Your Life: Wedding Party and Flowers

Isn't Kelly wonderful? I love this idea!

E and I were married at 1:30 in the afternoon on April 4th, 2009. I always wanted to be married in a little, white church, so I fell in love with the Heritage Chapel the very first time I saw it. I also wanted a small wedding-- something very intimate-- just like my parents had. I think we had about 40 people at our wedding at the very most. E and I both had just one person standing up there with us: my best friend and a good friend of his from college. We also had my cousin, Abby, be our flowergirl. We didn't have a ring bearer; honestly, I think it's kinda silly and I've heard WAY too many horror stories about rotten, little boys reeking havoc at weddings. My youngest brother is a music major (lucky me!), so he played the piano at our ceremony. He played "Here Comes the Night," by Rob Thomas; "You Belong to Me," by Jason Wade; and "Love," by John Lennon before the wedding actually started. I walked down the aisle to "Canon in D" by Palchelbel. I was really easy going about the wedding-- none of the little things really mattered to me; what mattered was the man I was going to marry. My hero, and my love :o) I did, however, refuse to walk down the aisle to "Here Comes the Bride." Overdone, much? My brother read Elizabeth Barrett Browning's "Sonnet 43" from Sonnets from the Portuguese. Hey, I majored in English...I had to throw something literary in my wedding ;o) He also read this, which I Loved! We said traditional vows. We considered writing our own, but I was so afraid that I'd cry too much if I read my own, so we decided on traditional vows. After we were pronounced man and wife :o), we walked down the aisle together to "The Army Goes Rolling Along." E didn't want to have the Arch of Sabers, so I had to be creative and throw something very "Army" in there. All and all, it was a good day, but I'm glad it's over! :o) Also, I had this poem in my program. It's one of my absolute favorites and I sent it to E while he was deployed.

♥ My flowergirl, Abby. I kind of had a bow theme at my wedding. I loved her earrings!
♥ Our wedding party. My wedding colors were black and white (obviously), with ivory and pink accents.

♥ My dad walking me down the aisle. Every man in our wedding party is a war veteran.
♥ My mom made this for me. I LOVE roses and chose silk flowers instead of real ones. There are little pearl accents, as well as black feathers spread throughout. I also carried a handkerchief that my Aunt Mariko gave me years ago. I borrowed a bracelet from my mom. My "something new" was the wedding jewelry E bought me-- a pearl necklace and earrings. I had a piece of my mom's wedding dress pinned under my skirt as my "something old." I also had a 3ID patch that E had sent to me before he deployed pinned underneath my skirt as my "something blue."
Hmmm, I don't think I forgot anything...haha! It really was the best day of my life-- I am truly blessed to have someone like E in my life and I thank God for him everyday :o)

Love, B


  1. Very pretty wedding! I love your bouquet. You can keep it forever! Smart choice with the flowers.

  2. Aw, that's great. I loved hearing the story of your wedding! Great pictures!

  3. very cool! Love your blog it is so cute!