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15 July 2009

I'm Cheap

I was a crazy mess this morning. Buddy woke us up at five wanting to play. The first thing I saw when I woke up was him laying across E's head...chewing on his ear...while he was still asleep. So I take the dog out of the room so E can get more rest, and I was tired and feeling a little too sad. E eventually wakes up and gets ready for work and I immediately start feeling better: the boy just has that effect on me :o) After he left, I went back to bed and slept waaay too long.

I finished up Running With Scissors today and really enjoyed it. There were some disturbing parts (I'm NOT a big fan of kiddie perverts), but the story was just so interesting that I couldn't put it down. Now I'm going to start working on Julia and Julie. When I went to the library to take the first book back and to get the other one, it had just started to storm. I was pulling out of the parking lot and braked at the stop light and as I was braking, I heard a horrible cracking/rumbling sound and thought I had hit/ ran over something or that my poor car that is nearly paid off had literally fallen apart. My poor little heart stopped beating and then I realized that my car was okay and that it was just thunder, but it was loud thunder and right above my car.

Anyway, on to being cheap. I went to Bath and Body works today to buy handsoap and got really good deals on all the things that I bought.
I bought:
♥ three bottles of handsoap, regular price 4.50 each
♥ one bottle of foaming body wash, 12.00
♥ one jar of True Blue Spa, Just A Minute 60-Second Manicure Scrub, 12.00
Total Price: 37.50
I Paid: 17.00 plus tax.
Everything was on sale except the hand scrub (which is awesome, by the way) and I used this coupon to get that for free! I just hate paying full price for things and I usually don't unless it's something essential or something I know that will be worth paying full price for.

In other news, my awesome husband took the Defense Language Aptitude Battery (DLAB) yesterday and kicked that test's butt! I'm so proud of him! Speaking of kicking butt, I keep seeing the previews for next week's Army Wives. Yes, I'm horrible addicted, and yes, I know that it's definitely not like my life as an Army Wife, but I love it nonetheless. Anyway, I keep seeing the part where Joan tells LTC Connors that she's going to "kick his ass." I hope she means literally and figuratively. That guy, and his wife, drive me nuts.

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  1. I have a confession, I to watch that show. I hadn't watched it since season 1 and last week I saw a commercial about frank and denise and frank was my favorite army guy so of course I got sucked right back in....