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01 July 2009

Grand Canyon National Park/ Buddy, Here We Come!

The husband, E, and I have spent all day getting ready for our not-so-big trip tomorrow to the Grand Canyon. We're headed off to Phoenix to do a little shopping and then to visit a dog breeder and possibly put down a deposit on a puppy. I'm so excited! E and I have been talking about getting a dog since the beginning of the year and we already have the name "Buddy" picked out for it. We are such nerds; we've spent the past few months talking about this dog like we already own it. It's pretty sad when a couple has an imaginary pet.... Anyway, I'm pretty happy that our plans to become puppy parents are finally coming to fruition! We've decided to buy a Coton de Tulear because they are small, easy to travel with, won't send us into an allergic frenzy, and were bred just to be good companions. Here is a picture for those curious as to what they look like. Be warned, however; this picture might send you into cute overload: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mydarlingdogs/1409104474/

I've done tons of laundry and cleaning today so that I won't come home to a dirty house on Sunday. I swear, if I see another tan or green army t-shirt I'm going to vomit! I've got my clothes packed, and will pack up my computer/ toilettries in the morning, as well as a backpack of books/ magazines to keep myself busy. I'm like a child when I travel--if I don't have something to keep myself occupied, I get annoying. E and I are also known not to travel well together, so I'm determined to make this a good trip. I think we finally have gotten to the point, after driving for thousands of miles over the past seven months, where we know how to read each other, so we'll be good :o)

I'm really excited to see the Grand Canyon and the scenery in northern AZ. Sometimes it sucks to move every six months, but it is nice at the same time to be able to see different parts of the country. Every time E and I move, I make a short list of places I want him to take me before we leave. In Savannah, Paula Deen's restaurant, Tybee Island, and Flannery O'Connor's (one of my favorite writer's) childhood home were on the list of places to see. The sad thing is, I've already got lists of places I want to see at posts we haven't been too yet....

Okay, I'm tired and have stayed up past my bedtime. We're supposed to set out early tomorrow (it won't happen) and I'm not a morning person, so prayers for my husband would be appreciated :o)

Love, B

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