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17 July 2009

Flashback Friday: Fort Stewart and Facebook

Fort Stewart, GA was good to me. I don't think I'll ever forget the first time I set foot there, in late night/ early morning hours of Dec. 10-11th. After the 45 minute drive from the apartment my husband (then fiance) and I had rented a few days before in Savannah, I was a nervous wreck. I had myself convinced during the whole drive that I was lost; seriously, FSGA is out in the middle of nowhere, especially if you're driving from Savannah. The fact that it was dark outside only made it worse. Anyway, I somehow made it to post and didn't get lost or even make a wrong turn at all, which is amazing for me. I somehow managed to find a parking spot with no trouble that was right across the street from the parade field. I found a seat next to a nice family on the highest row of seats of one of the stands. E and I agreed earlier that I would stay put when they were released and that he'd come find me, because we both knew that we'd spend all night going around in circles looking for the other. I sat on the top row because E jokingly told me to...because I'm short, haha. The guy with the microphone asked us if we were all ready to see our soldiers yet, and, of course, everyone started cheering. Then he said that it was too bad because they were half an hour away! So I did what I had been doing for 15 months...I waited some more! haha. I spent the time sitting there looking at everyone's pretty outfits, the little kids clutching little flags, and the handmade signs, one of which read "If you think Iraq was hot, wait 'til tonight," hahaha. So I waited...and waited...and waited some more. Then...those beautiful white buses started coming up the road and they circled around the field and parked on the opposite side of the field behind a line of trees. It was so exciting sitting there knowing that my sweetheart was on one of those magnificant, wonderful buses! One could barely see the soldiers because it was dark and because of the trees, but you could see them standing in formation for what seemed like hours! One girl was so impatient that she walked out onto the parade field and put her hands on her hips, haha. They must have known she meant business because shortly after, the soldiers marched through the trees and onto the field. Let me tell you what, it was the most beautiful thing I've seen in my life. Apparently someone gave a speech, but I don't remember that: I was too busy scanning the formation for my man! :o) Then they were finally released! Everyone around me found his/ her/ their soldier almost immediately, but there was still no sign of E. I was afraid I had come to the wrong ceremony (they only changed the ceremony time a million times), or that one of his soldiers pulled him aside for something. I was nearly in tears and then I saw him and everything disappeared. We had to fight our way through a crowd to get to each other and we finally got to eachother and got that first hug and kiss. He smelled sweaty and dirty, but it was a beautiful smell that I'll never forget. I think we were both in such shock that we didn't have too much to say to eachother; there were just a lot of smiles :o) It has been seven months since he's been home and I still miss him sometimes and can't believe he's home.

The Parade Field/ Happiest Place on Earth by day:

I didn't get any pictures that turned out from that night. The stands were too brightly lit and the field was too dark: it just wasn't going to happen. I do have pictures from Warrior's Walk, however, which lines both sides of the parade field. Here are a few:

Also, I watched The Today Show today and there was a segment about people being broken up with via Facebook, text, etc. I haven't been broken up via Facebook, but E and I officially became a couple via Facebook, haha. I guess he was too afraid to bring it up over the phone. I'm just glad he didn't propose marriage that way! ha! That's enough silliness for now. :o)

Love, B

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  1. Aw, this was such a great story!!! Love it!!!
    And I love that he asked you to be his girlfriend over facebook lol too cute!