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So give good.

13 July 2009

Al Roker, You Devil

Thanks, Al Roker, for informing us that the temperature in Southern Arizona this week is going to be hotter than usual for this time of year. Lovely. E says it feels like Iraq. It was 09:45 and 92 degrees. I'm not whining, though; the lack of humidity makes a huge difference!

I had to give Buddy a bath today, and he was not happy about it at all. He smells so good and his fur is so soft now, though, so hopefully he'll get better about being bathed. He has also gotten himself into interior decoration, the bathroom being his favorite room to work in.

I cleaned my whole house today! I just had so much energy and I loved it! :o) It looks great and the only thing I'll have to do tomorrow is finish up a few loads of laundry. E and I outsmarted ourselves this evening and made a meal that didn't heat up the already too warm house. He grilled herb-roasted chicken outside and I made salads and garlic pasta inside. Seriously though, by the time we make a meal, we're usually too overheated to even want to eat it.

For some reason, it feels as if half the week has already passed by...but it's still Monday. I have a feeling this week is going to creep along slooooowly. I'm wishing, hoping and praying for some good news, but I can't say much...yet.

I feel like I've run out of things to say. E would find that hard to believe, haha! I've been reading Running With Scissors and that book is wild! It's so bizarre that it's hard to believe that it's a true story. I'm going to try to finish it up tomorrow, so I can start reading Julia and Julie, and then later talking E into taking me to see the movie when it comes out :o)

Love, B

Oh, I read a wonderful blog today that meant a lot. E didn't know of this soldier personally, but he had friends who were friends with him. You can find the blog here, which was written by Casey at The Ever-Changing Life of a Military Wife. The video is really touching.

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